We expanded our original mission of teaching about the African Diaspora and the Native American culture. We are now also teaching about different cultural aspects of the world, and how diverse cultures have influence our shared history.


1.  Effective cultural programs that help students and adults to understand, appreciate, respect, and embrace their own culture/s, other cultures in their communities, and their history. Helping students become more culturally aware of traditions and concepts when applying models to teaching and therapy.

2. We listen, we do not ignore the ones who matter most, the intended beneficiaries of our work: the students who are at-risk, struggling in the school system, and people who need help in dealing with their emotional challenges. Listening is essential because the people we help are a source of information, their experiences, and we focus ourselves of insights into how we might do better. This is important because their insights that are uniquely grounded in the day-to-day experiences are the very people that our cultural programs are created for.

3.  Understanding individual diversity, and cultural backgrounds, invest in each student and adult by showing that their interests are our primary concern. By understanding who they are, and their background, allows us to focus on the challenges they are dealing with.

4.  New cultural models in teaching and healing. This new model helps break the taboo that surrounds youth who are at-risk, and special education on their limitations of learning and students that need empowerment, and adults in recovery. We use cultural traditions to help with the process.

5.  Their budding talents, revealing their inner talents for all to appreciate, but most important, they appreciate themselves. The students and adults in our art education and Creative Arts Therapy programs are helped by the attention we give them, and they need to be reminded that they are special; they can become known and respected by others.

6.  Communicate with their peers in a healthy way, effective communication is the essential to help individuals express themselves in a manner that allows them to be understood. Also developing their listening skills that will help guide them in the process of dealing with their challenges.

7.  A guide to action.  Our programs are not a book of magic formulas. The information we share helps students and adults through the process steps to become better. You can read every line written or simply draw, dance and so one on what you have been taught, but if you do not know how to apply their ideas to the conditions of your own time, you will not be really developing.

8.  Battle through their struggles. TWW Inc. inspires people to face the challenges, and to inspire to succeed. Teaching that failure is not always a bad result, and this is an important aspect of growth. Never giving up to be better. Not Perfect, but Progress is the key.

9.  Value the voices of those we seek to help.  We listen. Trust their point of view. We listen to their feedback in a way that is reliable, rigorous, and useful.

10.  Empowered to help make decisions. Empowering enables the students and adults to take responsibility to help themselves, and others. Working together to put together a plan, and putting that plan in action to help the process of growth.