When you donate: Please remember that all donations are tax deductible.

*simply let us know which program/s, and how you want us to use your contribution..

*There are many easy you can donate that will not stress your budget. Here are some easy examples:

a. send an easy donation of $20 per month, by automatically having it sent from your checking account.

b. use some of your points from credit card to send.

c. have your job set up an automatic deduction from your paycheck.

d. when shopping on Amazon smile

Why:  TWW Inc has stepped in to fill that gap, and will continue to do so with your generous help. Your contributions allow us to bring programs to more youth across NYC, especially the at-risk and low income communities to help them live better lives! Every donation is put towards the work produced by TWW Inc.. Your contribution will be used for project supplies, workshop production, and execution of site-specific projects, Production / exhibitions, and more. Although TWW Inc is partially supported by grants from foundations, we also greatly rely on donations from individuals like you.


Brooklyn – Queens – Bronx – Manhattan

Program 1: The Journey (Multi-Discipline art programs using Visual/Theater/Dance)

The Trails is a story that presents challenging and important cultural themes to engage youth about history and its relevance today through the arts. 

Final Outcome – exhibit/presentation of  their work 

Who is involved: Professional teaching artists, community members, students, volunteers and many more.

With your donation, please indicate which program/s you are supporting and how you wish for us to use the donation


Program 2: Creative Arts Therapy (schools). Empowerment programs that explore behavioral cause and effect through exploration of various art forms.

Working with individuals with different challenges, such as developmental/cognitive development, emotional and other challenges.

Who is involved: Professional teaching artists, Certified Art Therapists

Final Outcome  to invent a creative strategy to promote change, insight, and well-being.


How your tax-deductible donation will be spent. Donate at your own, or any amount listed below:

$10 donation: buys some supplies for 1 individual to participate

$25 donation: buys paints for that individual’s therapy sessions

$50 donation: buys brushes and drop cloths for that individual’s overall therapy sessions
$100 donation: buys supplies for 1 individual
$300 donation : supplies for 3 individuals
$500 donation:  buys supplies for 5 individuals
$1,500 donation: pays for all the art supplies needed to cover certain amount for 15 individuals workshops for a full school year
$2,500 donationpays for  Professional Development workshops that is used throughout the school year for all teaching artists, art therapists, and general staff.
$5,000 donation: pays our hired professional artists as guest performers, speakers, and documentary filmingexhibit/production for year-end finale, and special memorabilia for all participates that complete the program.