``Work towards Progress, not Perfection``













One Example of program we offer:


An Introduction to Metamorphosis

What Stage of Change Are You In? The perfect time to explore a change you would like to have in your life? Support groups providing self-care, and empowerment activities to encourage confidence and positive change.

Butterfly – understanding different cultural mythologies on change, stages, results

Think about soil as the foundation of what they wish to grow. Caterpillar is them going into their phase of their challenges they are dealing with, example- bad relationships or experience. Cocoon represents the changing period of what they are doing. Also, transformation – patients (Trust, Change, Believe) The Butterfly represents the change, accomplishment. Pottery decorated representing their inner selves, beauty.

All use this technique to face some of the challenges or the one that emotional affects them at that time. Understanding about how to plan a step at a time on dealing or understanding their challenges.  Some of the understanding was how to acknowledge a problem, and from there a step-by-step method of changing yourself that will allow you to finally either deal with an issue, or/and build yourself to change that will allow you to move on. Also change enables you not to fall into same situations again that are not healthy.


Multiculturalism in Creative Arts Therapies

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Students who have difficulty participating within a normal class setting due to mental health challenges, TWW Inc. believes that including the expressive arts therapies will promote healthy self-esteem and encourage youth to be well-rounded achievers in all areas of their lives, especially with those who have experiences with under-achievement due to psychological and socioeconomic factors.  TWW Inc. Creative Arts therapy program help students and adults deal with daily challenges which include the modalities of Visual Arts, Theater, Dance and Music.

  • Implements the most up-to-date interventions. Using various techniques such as RCA, Self-Determination, whole health, personal medicine, power statement, and decision support.
  • Address diversity in  schools & communities.
  • Incorporates cultural sensitivity within each workshop.
  • Empowerment approach is a personal journey rather than a set outcome, explores behavioral cause and effect through various explorations of art forms.

TWW’s licensed Art Therapist will offer, The Road to Empowerment, a set of art-based activities and coping tools to help youth embrace the learning process, enhance comprehension and improve frustration tolerance to foster opportunities to complete tasks and gain a sense of achievement. Individually and  groups are small and used as a foundation for students to understand and deal with their struggles. The group will be identified by the school staff (teachers, guidance counselors, principal) and may be a candidate for this program due to behavioral problems, adjustment challenges, or symptoms of depression or anxiety, and in turn may have under-developmental skills.