“You have to be educated, but you have also to be left to educate yourself”


Pricing determined by layout/time.

February – Black History Month

March – Women’s History Month

May – Caribbean History Month

October – Native American Month


For each special month, an assembly performance representing that month can be done. The performance also allows time for audience participation, lecture with Q & A. Also be done as a theme for specific art programs Lecture series.


Can be done by each month special honoring or in these categories:

Middle Passage – Understanding the areas of traditional roles tribes representing people of color and that influence in today’s society. Family Structure, Councils, clans, moonlodge (women), tattoos.

Artifacts – Understanding the traditions, history, and how they are used in protecting, learning, and helping to guide us.

Ceremonies – Understanding the whole concept on how to prepare and doing one.

Sweat lodge – Traditions of purifying.

Spirituality/Religion/Traditions – Subjects that are one and the same but yet different. Understanding how to work with all of them.

Vision Quest – The Rights of Passage for young and old men/women. Step by Step in preparing and going through all the ceremonies in this special 7 day ordeal. To learn who you are and what you are to do with your life.

Music (Drumming/Singing/Dance).

Black Indians – The combination of African/Native people (Caribbean, South America). Prior, During and after slavery. Also nations most influenced from this and the effect it has in America.

Medicine Wheel – A basis of centering ourselves, balance. Finding out how to build one and learning it’s directions by color elements and animal. Using them in our everyday lives.

Meditation – Bringing peace into your mind, spirit and the elements used. Sage, cedar, sweetgrass, and music.