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TWW Inc & Friends 16th Anniversary BAM event (Brooklyn Academy of Music), to all the artists, teaching artists, performing groups, volunteers, sponsors, contributions, and supporters, thank you!

From our 2 hours show, here is a 5 minute trailer that gives you an overall idea exactly the way the performance went.

PS 12, Arnel Wilson, Stephen & Lisa Wilson, Michael Manswell, Lonnie Harrington, Shaun Rasmussen, Cynthia Cinti Salandy, Lawrence Craig, Patsy Miller, Danielle Casimir, Angela Victor, Edward Brownbear, Jana Cunningham, Brownie Brown (Bronwyn Taylor), Fatima Logan, Tony Yemaya, Zakiyyah Zakiah Modeste, Bernard Bobb, Cathy-Ann Branker-Diamond, Jaa Mhal Kinte, June Brisbane Connor, Sandra A. M Bell, Najja Codrington, Allison Serrant, Esi Daniels, Undaground & Freestylers, Kristine Draper, and Rahsaan Bascombe!

A celebration that showcased students work, give tribute to performing artist /groups,  foundations, and individuals that have supported us throughout the years.


“I truly thought the music, dance and chants were beautifully executed.  The children’s performance showed their dedication and commitment to learning something new as well as understanding where their history. My guests and I were pleasantly surprised.

Please extend my best wishes to all.”  Juliet  Lewis (CON EDISON)

“The performance has a story/theme was perfect, no piece was by itself, all was connected”  Kelvin Smith

“Awesome show” Anita Stanton

“A wonderful show and a great celebration of TWW”   Robyn Young

“It was a great night. I couldn’t be more proud of you”  Shannon Jemmoth

“Wonderful show, an amazing job” Trudy Sandy

“Beautiful”  Joanne Quinones

“Fantastic Performance” David Moody

“You did a great job. You are comfortable, comical, and confident. You looked Proud, delivered your natural spirit and built ours. I thank you, and I am so proud of your growth and accomplishments. May God continue to bless You–so you can continue to bless us–teach us, encourage us., guide us and motivate us Culturally.”  Monica Gil

“Truly proud of you, the performance was wonderful; the children from PS 12 was beautiful, the chants, drumming, the HipHop dancers was a wonderful surprise.  Opera singer, what a voice!”  Karen Young

“It was a pleasure having my daughter Savannah be a part of this celebration..the overall blend of African culture and presence was and my family enjoyed the program and look forward to Savannah being a part of it next year!”

Latwann Black

“It was awesome”  Alice I Isaacs 

“Hi, was really really a great performance from everyone, including you. Everyone looked great can’t wait for next year” Kimalin Regis

“The show was amazing! I am not a dancer but I was moving in my seat the entire show. My son loves performing with TWW and will continue to pursue a dance career.” Charise Mack

“The show was amazing and we all learned a lot of new things and the different types of dance the costumes were amazing.”  Maria Santos

“Thanks to this experience in your dance program, now Pedro is loving to dance & understands that dancing is not only for girls, like he used to think. Now he’s very interested in dancing.  Thank you so much for the beautiful experience. Congratulations on a program well done!! Sincerely, Elizabeth Rivera

“So proud of the young ones, the show overall was breathtaking. “ Ms. Thom PS 12 Parent Coordinator

“Absolutely wonderful. Well done. Lots of hard work. Congrats. Will definitely support. Let me know the next event. Small of big. Makes me want to get back not dancing.” DJ Anglin


If you were not able to attend, you can still contribute with your tax-deductible donation to our upcoming program this Fall 2018. You can donate once, once a month, you can inform us how you wish for your donation to be used.

As a non-profit organization, TWW Inc relies on the generosity to help continue us to support our art, and Creative Arts Therapy programs. I know with indiviudals like yourself, has a desire to give back to the local communities, and we greatly appreciate your support.

Your contribution helps provide students with a robust curriculum taught by accomplished instructors to those who need it most. Our art programs encourage achievement by strengthening their overall developmental skills.

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Thank you for your support.

Executive Director,
Stephen A.Wilson, Jr.