TWW Inc. & Friends 17th Anniversary BAM Celebration.

A Night With Nina
A night giving tribute to Nina Simone!

 Tribute to her contribution to the world as a prominent woman in society, an activist, artist, her music.



Testimonials..BAM event “ A Night with Nina”

Hello Stephen,

My guests and I really enjoyed the Nina Simone Tribute performances. It was wonderful to see so much talent in a short time-frame and all of it focused on Nina Simone’s world. I was impressed with the diversity of age, culture and nationality of the performers. You did an excellent job in producing a fine show.

Regarding the four women characters, when I first met them on our site visit, they were just beginning to learn their personalities. What I saw on stage, were confident, inspiring and committed women ready to take on the world. They can also add performer to their repertoire! They did a great job as well!

All in all, on behalf of Con Edison I am pleased to have been a sponsor of this event.
I wish you continued success.

Wonderful Show, Beautiful People, Dedicated Children and a Staff that works in Cohesiveness, I give it all a Ten out of 10. See you all next year from Loganville Georgia.
Sandra Taylor

As a former Brooklyn native growing up in the public school system, I thought the program was awesome, especially working with the children in the community. I admire that and hope your program has an impact and growth in other communities as an example of cultural awareness and diversity. Being an example for our children is so important today which in turn will make them better adults. Overall the production was fantastic.
Lorrie Whitfield

The dancers everyone was super awesome I had a wonderful time I personally learn a lot behind the scenes so well put with love and passion me and daughter are committing ourselves to your cause and any way I can support I am all in 100% thanks Mr Stephen and company👣 Wanda Frazier

The show was wonderful….Thank You for your time and effort.
Kim Franklin

Congratulations, Your focus and dedication has paid off. The show had many powerful points. Well done.
Jana Cunningham.

Thank you so much for having my daughter Nicole in the program. Being the youngest, with some developing skills challenges, your program helped her grow. Teachers mentioned that since she joined the dance program, her school overall development have improved greatly. Her confidence is stronger, school working habits have improved, and physically she is in better shape. Sharing the stage that night at BAM with her was an experience that will be with us forever. Thank You!
Jacqueline Rodriguez..Parent PS 12

What an awesome tribute to Nina Simone… by Stephen A Jr Wilson…looking forward to next year.. Lorrie Whitfield

Thank you for the opportunity. The show was amazing. What a quality, I was ready to see the wonderful job you guys did but the experience was amazing. Thank you and I really hope the kids have this wonderful opportunity again. Hope to see you in the fall as well.
Kowal Eloisa Staff PS 12

The Nina Simone concert was so inspirational and I thought it would have been especially good for my 8 year old grandchildren to experience..
Chris Shea

Dear Wolf,
I attended your event and I had a great time. Keep up the good work.

Was a Wonderful presentation of the continued talents of our people.
Aurora Robinson

Such a wonderful show, great representation of Nina Simone

Great performances all the way through. We have to continue showing oru youth we support them, and adults like you that encourages them.

Nina Simone tribute was great. Watching everyone do different pieces had wonderful meanings. The 4 Women was powerful.
Minister McNeal